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韩村河简介Hancunhe Profile


Hancunhe village is the headquarters of Hanjian group. Hanjian Group has continuously explored new ways to develop the village. From improving the living environment to providing education and health care, Hanjian group has made great efforts to promote industrial revitalization, talent revitalization, cultural revitalization, ecological revitalization, and organizational revitalization of the village. Hanjian group thrives to meet villagers’ growing need from the pursuit of a better life. It has turned the village into a beautiful ecological garden. All villagers now live in villas, and have enjoyed educational, medical, and elder care services.

Hancunhe Village has won titles of “National Advanced Root Party Organization”, “China's Top Ten Famous Villages”, “China Happiness Village”, “National Ecological Culture Village” and “China's Ten Most Beautiful Villages”. President Xi Jinping visited the village and spoke highly of its development.

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