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领导简介Introduction to Leader


Party Guides, Innovation Leads

By Guangliang Tian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Hanjian Group

Thank you for visiting the website of Beijing Hanjian Group, and thank you for paying attention to each of our growth and progress.

The history of Beijing Hanjian Group is the history of development led by the Communist Party, the history of reforms that keep pace with the times, and also the history of hard work to build dreams. In the course of Hanjian's development, "Party guides, Innovation leads" has become the common concept and the unremitting value pursuit of all Hanjian people.

Using the spirit of craftsmanship to support the fulfillment of the Chinese dream of our country is the eternal mission of the Hanjian group. We will actively carry out the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing". Using the green development as our direction, we will pursue excellence with our hard work and build the future for the city we live; Using honesty and integrity as the foundation of our company operation, we will optimize our service and create values for our customers; Using harmonious coexistence as the goal, we will work hard and work together to achieve the pursuit of a better life for our employees.

Beijing Hanjian Group is willing to work hand in hand with all sectors of society to pursue our common goals and create the future together.